Simple Swaps For A More Eco-Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom is probably not your first thought when switching to eco-friendly products, but while its often overlooked, a good amount of our waste can be found there.

There are many single-use products that you use everyday which can easily be switched out for a more sustainable choice, without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Here’s five simple swaps to make, so you can create less waste!

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Did you know that plastic toothbrushes can take up to 1000 years to fully decompose, while bamboo ones often biodegrade in 3 years or less?

Your toothbrush is one of the easiest things to make eco-friendly in your bathroom, especially if you weren’t previously using an electric one.

There are several different options for bamboo toothbrushes, but I like this set because they’re inexpensive and sold in packs of five.

If you find that an electric toothbrush works better for you that’s fine! You can still live an environmentally friendly lifestyle without every aspect of your life being 100% sustainable.

Cost: $15 for 5 toothbrushes



This is a swap I made a long time ago and while it was very different at first, its pretty easy to get used to. If this is out of your comfort zone, you can always get q-tips made from sustainably sourced materials or try to go without using them at all.

This set of two from Earthsider is made from all-natural silica sand, and comes in a super cute carrying case as well.

Cost: $12.95 for a set of 2

Cotton Balls

This product swap is pretty common, but it can make a big difference. These cloth facial pads are an easy switch and work even better than cotton balls in my opinion.

I use them to apply toner, but they also work well for removing makeup or face masks!

There are several brands that sell these, or you could make your own at home by cutting a towel into small pieces and sewing around the edges to prevent fraying.

Cost: $10 for 10 rounds

Hand/Body Soap

This is arguably the easiest swap you can make to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom (and your home in general).

Bar soap is a great small step towards a sustainable household that anyone can make. It’s also available in almost every store and you can pick from a variety of options.

I like the brand Clean Cult because their soap comes in paper packaging instead of plastic and its made with fewer synthetic ingredients than other brands.

Cost: 4.99 per bar


Shampoo and Conditioner

When I bought this shampoo and conditioner bar I was almost positive that I was going to have issues with it, because I’m pretty picky about my hair products (and I rarely use 2 in one products). However, I was surprised to find that it worked pretty well, especially for the cost.

If you have a little extra to spend I would recommend trying one of the shampoo or conditioner bars from Lush, but the Love Beauty and Planet one is great for people who are just getting started with bar hair products and don’t want to spend too much.

Cost: $4.99 per bar

I hope this gave you some ideas of easy product swaps you can make for a less wasteful bathroom. If you want to see the eco-friendly cleaning products I’ve started using click here.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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