15 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

I love giving gifts but sometimes its hard to do that in a sustainable way, so I wanted to list some presents that are low waste and also meaningful.

I hope these are helpful and inspire you to be more eco-friendly when giving gifts!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission (at no additional expense to you) if you purchase a product through my links.

Zero Waste Gifts

Spotify or Apple Music subscription- This is something that everyone can use and you could also make them a personalized playlist to go with it!

Concert tickets- These can be expensive but if there’s a small artist they like, tickets are usually pretty cheap.

Spa gift certificate- A gift certificate to the spa makes a great gift that doesn’t come with any waste.

Pass for exercise class- If there’s a cycling or yoga studio that you both have been wanting to try out, most places will offer one time passes that you can gift.

Audio or e-book subscription- If you know anyone that loves to read, an audible or e-book subscription is a great gift that allows them to keep several books with zero waste.

Netflix subscription- A lot of people already have Netflix accounts, but gift cards can applied to existing memberships so you can still gift this to any movie lover you know.

Low Waste Gifts

Reusable tote- A reusable bag is a great way to encourage your friends and family to be more eco-friendly. Check out my Etsy store to see the reusable bags that I make!

Homemade baked goods- Making someone their favorite meal or dessert is a great gift and doesn’t produce a lot of waste.

Plants- A plant is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift, just make sure to pick one that is low maintenance especially for first time plant parents.

Reusable cup or mug- If this gift seems too small you can add a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or reusable coffee pods if they have a Keurig.

Loose tea- Many stores that sell bulk items will have loose tea leaves that you can pick out and put in sustainable packing, like a mason jar or cloth bag.

Gift card to restaurant- You could get them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or to a place that you think they might like to try out.

Lush products- Lush sells cosmetics and bath items that are made in small batches and packaged in eco-friendly materials.

Sustainable Jewelry- Ethically made jewelry makes a great gift, check out these Etsy shops that make low impact jewelry.

Find a unique piece on Depop- If you know someone that likes vintage clothes or accessories Depop is a great place to find them a gift. You can check out my Depop here!

Hopefully this gave you some ideas so that you can give your friends and family eco-friendly gifts, and encourage them to be more sustainable too. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


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