8 Sustainable Jewelry Shops

Sustainably sourced jewelry can be hard to come by, and most of those brands are very expensive. While this may be an option for some people, I wanted to find ethically made jewelry that was affordable and supported small businesses.

I decided to look on Etsy, and found these eight fantastic shops that feature products that are handmade and sustainable.


What makes them sustainable: KookyGiftShop turns recycled wine corks and oak into these beautiful pieces, and they also use faux leather for their necklaces.

Price range: $7-$26


What makes them sustainable: BBdesignhouse has an entire sustainable earring collection on their Etsy shop that uses recycled polymer clay. This reduces waste and results in earrings that are completely unique.

Price range: $10-$26


What makes them sustainable: RainforestGems uses natural materials like acai seeds, gourd wood, and tagua nut to make stunning and sustainable jewelry.

Price range: $10-$48


What makes them sustainable: Each of these sets of earrings are handmade and nickel free. The minimalist look and neutral tones makes it easy to pair these sets with any outfit.

Price range: $12-$15


What makes them sustainable: TheWoodenHome uses salvaged wood to create one of a kind jewelry, that is eco-friendly as well.

Price range: $24-$42


What makes them sustainable: Leetie repurposes vintage components to make super cute colorful and sustainable pieces.

Price range: $6-$89


What makes them sustainable: This shop primarily makes gold filled jewelry, which is an affordable and sustainable alternative to solid gold. These elegant pieces are very durable and each one is handcrafted.

Price range: $4-$180


What makes them sustainable: MayaJambalaya incorporates real flowers and leaves into their designs and uses non-toxic resin to enclose them.

Price range: $16-$39

I hope the next time you’re buying jewelry that you’ll consider purchasing from one of these shops. Supporting small businesses is an important part of becoming sustainable, and allows these shop owners the opportunity to turn their passion into a job.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


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