How To Be A Sustainable Pet Parent

If you have pets you know that while they may be your pride and joy, it can be difficult to give them everything they deserve while living a sustainable lifestyle yourself.

No matter what kind of pet you have, these tips will help you be a more eco-friendly pet parent without sacrificing your pet’s well being.

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Buy Products That Are Made To Last

Sometimes it can be tempting to purchase the cheapest pet products, instead of ones that are durable. Overtime though this can become more expensive and wasteful because those toys, beds, and bowls aren’t made to last very long.

The more sustainable choice is to buy sturdy products that won’t wear down overtime. These items are usually safer for your pet as well, because they’re made of high quality materials. Its also important to maintain your pets products so that you won’t have to buy new ones.

Get Zero Waste Treats

The majority of pet supply stores have bulk treat sections or display cases that you can get treats from with your own reusable containers. This reduces plastic waste, and usually ends up being less expensive than buying prepackaged options.

You can also get a variety of treats, or buy single ones to make sure your pet likes them before you purchase a large amount. If you want to be a zero waste pet parent, this is a great starting point.

If you enjoy baking, another option is to make your own treats from scratch. This recipe from Damn Delicious is super easy and only requires a few ingredients.

Dispose Of Pet Waste Responsibly

Besides the fact that leaving your pet’s waste is gross and not very neighborly, it can also have harmful effects to the environment such as:

  • Attracting pests like rats or other rodents
  • Polluting water ways
  • Exposing people to harmful bacteria

Consider buying eco-friendly waste bags, that break down more easily than plastic ones. Below I’ve shared some vegetable based waste bags that are a more eco-friendly option.

Be A Minimalist Pet Owner

If you’ve had pets before (especially cats) you know that no matter how many fancy toys you buy for them, they’ll probably only play with one of them or not use them at all.

Instead, try taking your pet to the store and letting them “pick out” their own toy. That way you’ll know its one they want to play with and you only need to purchase one.

Another way to avoid buying products is to make toys out of things you have at home already. You could tie old t-shirts into a rope toy, or cut a hole in a tennis ball and put treats in it. Just make sure that the materials you’re using are clean and free of chemicals that may harm your pet.

Sustainable Pet Products:

Vegetable Based Waste Bags

Wool Pet Toys

Pet Hair Remover

Zero Waste Pet Shampoo

I hope this gave you some ideas to help make taking care of your pet a little more sustainable. Taking care of a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have and its important that we not only take care of them, but our earth as well. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


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