Guide To Eco-Friendly Self Care

Hey, I hope you’re all doing well! May is mental health awareness month, and with everything going on right now, its more important than ever to set aside time to take care of yourself.

Whether its your job, family, or schoolwork we all have things that create stress and may cause us to neglect taking care of ourselves.

Mental health problems can affect anyone despite your age, gender, or occupation so why is it still such a taboo subject?

Making sure to not only check on your friends and family, but to be open about your own struggles as well can help normalize discussion on mental health.

I hope these self-care ideas inspire you to take time for yourself and remember that self-care isn’t selfish.

Make A Cup Of Tea

Making tea may not seem like self-care, but sitting down with a warm drink is a great way to relax and take a few minutes to do something just for you.

Most tea bags have a plastic sealant, which means the bags can’t be recycled or composted. A more sustainable option is to buy loose leaf tea in bulk and use a metal tea infuser for a zero waste cup of tea!

Go On A Walk

Any kind of exercise is a good way to take care of yourself, but I really like going on walks. To make walking more enjoyable you could try:

  • Listening to music
  • Picking up trash
  • Taking pictures of nature

Use A Face Mask

Putting on a face mask not only benefits your skin, but can help you destress after a long day. While single-use sheet masks are becoming more popular, they can create a lot of waste.

My favorite low-waste mask uses bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Most apple cider vinegar comes in a glass container so it can be recycled, and while the clay is packaged in plastic, its sold in bulk so one container will last a long time.

Declutter Your Space

A clean space often makes it easier to be mindful in your home rather than focusing on the clutter around you. Many people even enjoy cleaning and find it to be relaxing.

Maintaining a clean space doesn’t have to use harsh chemicals or single-use products. If you’re looking for sustainable cleaning options, you can check out my post on that here.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Sometimes things get so busy that its easier to focus on the things that are stressful, rather than what we’re grateful for. Keeping any kind of journal is a great way to reflect on your day, but personally I love gratitude journals.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly journal you can find one in my last post on sustainable stationery, made by small businesses!

More Self-Care Ideas

Reading- Try looking in secondhand book shops or download digital books

Mediation- This can help you remain present and mindful throughout your day

Plan Your Week- Planning things ahead of time can lower stress and help you prepare for the week

Light A Candle- This article talks about sustainable candles that you can feel confident in buying

Wake Up Early- Waking up earlier can give you a head start on the day and give you extra time to get things done

Hopefully you now have some ideas to incorporate into your self-care routine. If you’ve tried any of these let me know what your self-care looks like, and how you make time to prioritize your mental health! Thanks for reading, have a lovely day.


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