30 Simple Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly

Today marks one month since I’ve started my blog! Its been an awesome experience so far, and I’ve gotten to talk with some incredibly kind shop owners and content creators. To celebrate I thought I’d share 30 easy ways to start being more sustainable!

1.Shop Second-Hand- Fast fashion is one of the primary causes of CO2 emissions from textile factories. Buying from thrift stores or resale apps will save you money and create less waste.

2.Take Shorter Showers- The average shower uses about 2 gallons per minute so even shortening your shower by a few minutes can save a lot of water.

3.Start A Compost Bin- Composting is a great way to keep organic materials from going to the landfill. This article is good guide if you’re a beginner to composting.

4.Make More Meals At Home- Eating at home reduces waste that’s created by take out containers and fast food packaging.

5.Check Out Your Local Library- Getting your books from the library is a great (and free) option to reduce the amount of products you purchase.

6.Get Your News Online- Instead of buying magazines or having your newspaper delivered, try finding an online news source to create less paper waste.

7.Pick Up Trash In Your Neighborhood- Its become kind of a joke that everyone is walking more, now that we’re social distancing. If you’re already going out walking you can pick up some trash along the way!

8.Switch Your Hair Products- In my article on eco-friendly bathroom products I mentioned that I’ve started using a shampoo and conditioner bar. This a simple product swap that can reduce a lot of waste.

9.Use Cold Water To Clean- Washing your laundry and cleaning your dishes with cold water can reduce energy usage from water heaters.

10.Get Informed- Knowledge is power! Reading, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries are all good ways to get educated on environmental issues.

11.Use Your Blinds- Blinds effect the temperature of your home a lot more than you’d think. Letting in the sun on cold days and closing your blinds on hot days is an easy way to save energy.

12.Incorporate Meatless Meals- Going vegan has its pros and cons but even making just a few meals throughout the week meatless can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

13.Stop Using Plastic Water Bottles- Switching to a reusable water bottle is super easy and will reduce the amount of plastic you use.

14.Use Safe Cleaning Products- Harsh chemicals found in cleaning products can be harmful to the environment. These eco-friendly cleaners are good alternatives to conventional ones.

15.Practice Minimalism- Buying less products is an important part of living sustainably. If you’re interested in minimalism you can check out my post on how to incorporate minimalism into your lifestyle.

16.Shop Locally- Shopping locally not only reduces carbon emissions, but is also a great way to support small businesses and shop owners.

Image From Unsplash

17.Start A Home Garden- Starting a garden may take some time but there are many hardy fruits and vegetables for beginners, and being able to grow your own food is a great feeling.

18.Get A Reusable Bag- You can cut down on plastic waste by using a reusable bag. If you need to buy one I sell them on my Etsy shop!

19.Reduce Food Waste- Planning your weekly meals ahead of time is a simple way to make sure that none of the food you buy will end up going to waste.

20.Use Public Transport- If you’re lucky enough to live in a city with a good public transportation system, use it! This can also save you money on gas.

21.Eat Seasonal Produce- This goes along with buying locally, buying produce that isn’t in season usually means it has to be shipped from farther away, increasing carbon emissions.

22.Give Sustainable Gifts- Instead of giving gifts that will go to waste, check out these 15 sustainable gift ideas that are thoughtful and eco-friendly!

23.Donate Used Clothes- Rather than throw out old clothes, bring them to your local thrift shop or give them to someone in your community who needs them.

24.Invest In Products- Instead of having to buy cheap products again and again, try investing in high quality items to create less waste.

25.Avoid Greenwashing- Shady marketing tactics like greenwashing can make it seem like you’re buying sustainably, when that’s far from the truth. Here’s my post that shows you how to avoid it.

26.Turn Off Your Lights- This is an obvious one but can be easy to forget. Making sure to turn off lights you aren’t using reduces energy usage and can save you money too.

27.Switch Your Shower Head- If you don’t like the idea of shortening your showers, you can switch to a water saving shower head.

28.Get Plants For Your Home- House plants act as natural air purifiers and have been proven to boost your mood and decrease stress.

Image From Unsplash

29.Repurpose- Next time you’re about to throw something away try to come up with a way it could be reused. My favorite way to repurpose is cleaning out finished candles to use as jars.

30.Spread The Word- Encouraging friends and family to be more eco-friendly is one of the best parts of living sustainably. While some people aren’t willing to make changes, you never know who you’ll inspire when you share your thoughts.

I hope these were helpful and gave you some ideas to incorporate into your daily routine. Everyone has to start somewhere, so doing any of these is a step in the right direction.

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported me in my first month of blogging, have a wonderful day!


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