6 Sustainable Activewear Brands

In my last post I talked about places to find second-hand fashion. While buying pre-owned is one of the best ways to make your closet more sustainable, some products like activewear can be hard to find in thrift shops or on resale websites.

All of these brands make efforts for sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices and while some of their clothes are expensive, they’re high quality which means you’ll save money that you’d spend on replacing cheaply made alternatives.

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What Makes Them Sustainable: Patagonia has complete transparency with all of their clothes, telling you exactly where and how each product is made.

The majority of the items are made with recycled materials, and they also make it easy to see which products are Fair Trade Certified. Patagonia also goes beyond their products and contributes to many environmental projects.

Price Range: $24-$119

Outdoor Voices

What Makes Them Sustainable: Outdoor Voices is working towards reducing the use of conventional fabrics in favor of more sustainable alternatives, and only uses packaging that is both recycled and recyclable.

They also partner with companies such as WWF, The Nature Conservancy, and CHOOOSE to fund conservation efforts and carbon offsetting.

Price Range: $10-$140

Jack Wolfskin

What Makes Them Sustainable: While Jack Wolfskin is not vegan, they ensure that all of their materials are ethically sourced and do not support any manufacturers that permit cruel treatment of animals.

They’re also fur free and use only certified organic cotton in their products.

Aside from materials, Jack Wolfskin reduces carbon emissions in deliveries by primarily shipping by sea, and contribute to organizations that aim to reduce the presence of microplastics.

Price Range: $30-$229


What Makes Them Sustainable: Athleta is a certified B Corporation which means they’re dedicated to transparency and responsible social and environmental practices.

Right now 76% of their materials are made with sustainable fibers and 72% of waste from packaging has been diverted from landfills.

Price Range: $14-$228

Girlfriend Collective

What Makes Them Sustainable: Girlfriend Collective uses recycled water bottles and fishing nets to manufacture their clothes and even has a program that ensures only used bottles go into their products (some companies claim to use recycled plastic, but will actually contain unused bottles).

They also visit their factories to make sure that ethical practices are being used.

Apart from their sustainability efforts, the Girlfriend Collective models are diverse and unedited. The models’ diversity seems intentional rather than companies that use tokenism to give the illusion of equality.

Price Range: $6-$128


What Makes Them Sustainable: The majority of Pact’s clothing is Fair Trade Certified and even products that aren’t are guaranteed to never be made in sweatshops or using child labor.

They also use organic cotton in their clothes, which uses up to 95% less water in the wash phase and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or dyes.

Price Range: $10-$95

I hope you’ll choose one of these brands the next time you’re shopping for activewear. Supporting sustainable brands encourages other companies to use ethical practices as well and can also allow them to make their products less expensive in the future. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


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