4 Etsy Shops For Sustainable Back To School Shopping

Office and school supplies are probably not something you think of when switching to eco-friendly products. In recent years, plastic has become the main topic of discussion surrounding sustainability, while paper doesn’t seem to be as relevant.

Although the paper industry has improved its practices significantly, with many companies planting several trees for each one it cuts down, its still important to make sure that your paper products come from sustainable sources.

Purchasing recycled paper products is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of trees that are cut down to manufacture these products.

These Etsy shops create sustainable products that you can feel confident buying.


What Makes Them Sustainable: These crayons are made with 100% soy and beeswax, and each set is hand poured. They come in a wide variety of fun shapes and colors that are meant to inspire creative play as well as happy coloring.

This shop also packages the crayons in a recyclable cardboard tube, so that every aspect of your order is eco-friendly.


What Makes Them Sustainable: The covers of these journals are cotton paper made with waste from the textile industry, and the pages are crafted from recycled cartridge paper.

Even the writing on the products is sustainable, because this shop uses a vintage typewriter for the text on their designs. To see more of Bluestiggy’s stationery you can check out the shop here.


What Makes Them Sustainable: These super cute pens are made with compostable plastic and FSC approved cardboard.

They also come with a free reusable bag, and a tree will be planted for every order placed.


What Makes Them Sustainable: The paper from this shop is handcrafted from recycled materials and also supports paper pickers who collect and sort the pieces by hand.

They also make pencils, both colored and basic lead, that are created using recycled newspaper.


What Makes Them Sustainable: These lovely minimalist journals and planners are made with vegetable based glue, FSC paper, and vegetable inks.

The journals and planners are not only sustainably made, but will also help you stay organized during the school year.

I hope you’ll choose to shop at one of these eco-friendly businesses while looking for school supplies. Supporting small businesses like these is an important part of sustainability and lowers your environmental impact. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


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