5 Not So Spooky Candy Alternatives For A More Sustainable Halloween

As a child, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays (free candy, duh!). However, now that I’m older I’m aware of how wasteful Halloween really is.

Not to mention that the majority of candy given out is chocolate, which is often produced using slave labor.

I wanted to come up with some alternatives to traditional Halloween candy, so that you can celebrate guilt-free. Here are five options for treats that are less wasteful, and more sustainable.

1. Pencils Or Erasers

Pencils and erasers are eco-friendly alternatives to candy, because instead of creating waste they’re actually useful.

Many stores have Halloween themed options right now, but you can also find slightly more expensive ones online that are made from recycled materials.

2. Larabars

Although these still come wrapped in plastic, Larabars are a great replacement for big brand candy. Larabars are vegan, gluten free, and fair trade making them a much healthier and more ethical option for trick-or-treaters!

3. Dove Chocolate

You’re probably surprised to see such a well known brand on here, but Dove chocolate is one of the best options if you still want to give out candy.

Dove chocolates are wrapped in foil rather than plastic and they’re also Rainforest Alliance Certified!

While all chocolate brands have changes to be made regarding forced labor, Dove is taking step towards eliminating unethical labor and you can see their statement on that here.

4. Made Good Bars

Made Good Bars are similar to Larabars in that they are vegan and gluten free but they’re also nut free, making them a great choice if any kids in your neighborhood have a nut allergy.

These bars are also unfortunately packaged in plastic, but they’re still more sustainable and healthier than giving out candy.

5. Mini Drinks

This is probably my favorite option on this list because its unique and 100% recyclable. You could give out mini sodas, but I would probably choose something like juice or even bottled water because its much healthier.

I hope this gave you some ideas so that you can skip out on wasteful and unhealthy candy this Halloween. If you have anymore ideas for eco-friendly treats comment them down below, I’d love to hear them.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you have a lovely day!


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