28 Zero-Waste Random Acts Of Kindness

February 17th is National Random Acts Of Kindness day! But why celebrate just one day when you can encourage kindness for the whole month. Here’s 28 zero-waste RAOK to do each day in February, so you can give back to your community without harming the planet.

1. Pay For The Person In Line Behind You- I try to do this once a week when I get my morning coffee, and it always gives me a positive start to the day. Also the orders are usually only a few dollars, so its an inexpensive way to show kindness to someone.

2. Send A Nice Text To Friends And Family- Letting someone know that you care about them is one of the best ways to make their day, and its as easy as a simple text.

3. Offer To Babysit For Free- Many parents would love to have a night out, but either can’t afford to or are just used to putting their kids first. Even just a couple of hours of alone time will make a big difference to them.

4. Donate Old Clothes Or Books- If you have gently used clothes or books that are collecting dust, why not donate them to your local thrift store or library?

5. Pick Up Trash In Your Neighborhood- If you enjoy going on walks in your neighborhood, start bringing a trash bag and gloves with you to pick up trash!

6. Volunteer In Your Community- While this takes a little more time commitment than the others, Local organizations such as animal shelters, soup kitchens, and libraries are always looking for volunteers to help with small tasks.

7. Let Someone Go Ahead Of You In Line- If you have time to spare and notice that someone behind you seems to be in a hurry, let them switch places with you in line.

8. Bring Baked Goods To A Neighbor- Show a neighbor you appreciate them by bringing over baked goods for them.

9. Compliment A Stranger- Giving someone a compliment is an easy way to boost their self-confidence.

10. Give A Local Business A Positive Review- If there’s a local restaurant or business you love, leave them a positive yelp review.

11. Pick-up Groceries For A Neighbor- If you have a neighbor who has trouble walking or is without a car, offer to pick-up groceries for them.

12. Smile At Everyone You See- This may be out of some people’s comfort zone, but smiling is simple way to show kindness to everyone you see.

13. Leave Coins At A Vending Machines Or Laundromats- This is an inexpensive way to make someone’s day, and could potentially make a big difference to those who are struggling financially.

14. Shop From A Small Business Or Local Market- Instead of going to a chain restaurant or store, try out a small business in your community.

15. Offer To Walk A Neighbor’s Dog- Even though dogs should be walked everyday, most people struggle to find time for it. Walking a neighbor’s dog is a simple way to show kindness (and get to spend time with dogs!).

16. Pack Lunch For A Family Member Or Roommate- Save a family member or roommate some time by packing their lunch for them.

17. Share A Positive Post On Social Media- While there are many negative aspects of social media, it can also be used for good. Sharing a positive message is a great way to spread joy.

18. Lend Someone Your Favorite Book Or Movie- This might just be me, but it makes me so happy when someone recommends a book or movie to me and says “I thought this would be something you might like”.

19. Offer Someone A Ride To Work Or School- Cut down on carbon emissions and save someone a trip by carpooling.

20. Reach Out To An Old Friend- Hearing from an old friend is always fun, and its nice to let them know you miss them.

21. Read, Listen, Or Watch An Environmental News Source- The simplest way to show kindness to the earth is to educate yourself on how you can be more eco-friendly (you’re helping now by reading this!).

22. Take A Friend Or Family Member Out For Coffee- Offering to take someone out to coffee is an inexpensive way to show your appreciation for them, don’t forget your reusable cups!

23. Make A Small Donation To A Local Charity- I know this may not be an option for everyone, but even a donation of a few dollars, can make a difference to charities in your community.

24. Gift A Reusable Mug To Someone- If you know someone who gets coffee a lot, but doesn’t have a reusable mug or cup, buy one for them to encourage them to be less wasteful.

25. Make Dinner For Friends Or Family- This is a great way to get people together, and you could even try out a vegan or vegetarian meal.

26. Thank An Essential Worker- The pandemic has shown us how much we really need the workers that many people took for granted before. Letting them know that you appreciate their efforts is sure to make them smile.

27. Return Someone’s Cart For Them At The Store- I’ve done this a few times for older people and parents trying to watch their kids, and they’re always super appreciative.

28. Write Down 5 Things You Love About Yourself- Finally, don’t forget to show kindness to yourself. When we are constantly giving our time and effort to others, its easy to forget that we deserve to love ourselves too!

I hope you’ll try out some of these zero-waste acts of kindness and if you do, let me know which ones in the comments. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!


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