25 Ways To Reuse Jars, Cans, And Bottles

Whenever you finish using a bottle, can, or jar your first instinct is probably to put it in the recycling bin. But many of those things will actually still end up in the landfill, due to contamination or excess items.

While you can still make efforts to recycle, you should first focus on reusing. Here are 25 ways you can reuse jars, cans, and bottles before you resort to recycling them.


1. Cotton balls or reusable cotton rounds

2. Pens and pencils

3. Makeup brushes

4. Paintbrushes and art supplies

5. Detergent pods or powder detergent

6. Sewing supplies

7. Loose change

8. Silverware

9. Hair ties and scrunchies

Home Decor

10. Flower vase- A glass bottle makes a super cute minimalist vase.

11. Plant pot- Make sure you add a few rocks at the bottom for drainage, and you’ll have an inexpensive plant pot.

12. DIY candle

13. Can lanterns for your porch

14. Fill with Potpourri- Placing jars with potpourri in them around your house is a simple way to add decoration and keep rooms smelling fresh.


15. Store herbs and spices

16. Make overnight oats

17. Hold bulk items at the grocery store

18. Container for leftovers

19. Drinking glass


20. Make sensory bottles for kids

21. Fill with themed items and give as a gift

22. Make a DIY sugar scrub

23. Use as a mini trashcan for your desk or car- Put a jar in your car cup holder or on your desk for an easy place to keep small pieces of trash.

24. Make a memory jar

25. Use as watering bottle for houseplants- Poke a few holes in the cap of a plastic bottle and use it to water your plants.

I hope you’ll try some of these out, and if you do feel free to comment and let me know which one. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


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