4 Benefits Of Having A Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion is one of the simplest ways to express yourself and embrace your individuality; However, clothes can also be some of the least sustainable items in our homes.

While some people use thrifting to avoid fast fashion, others may choose not to and that’s perfectly fine!

If you prefer not to buy second-hand clothes (or even if you do!) a capsule wardrobe is a great way to keep your closet eco-friendly and minimalistic, while still buying clothes new.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe? Capsule wardrobes are popular amongst people living minimalist lifestyles, and are an easy way to avoid clutter in your closet.

While some people may have dozens of shoes and clothes they never wear, a capsule wardrobe focuses on having fewer pieces that can be combined to make several unique outfits. This makes it much easier to keep your clothes organized and has many other benefits as well!

Get Ready More Quickly In The Morning

The part of my morning routine that used to take up the most time is choosing my outfit for the day. When there’s an overwhelming amount of clothes, it can be difficult to pick out pieces and even harder to put together an outfit.

Even though a capsule wardrobe won’t entirely cure your indecisiveness, it certainly helps by narrowing down the options.

Save Money On Clothes

Sustainable fashion can often be expensive because the companies take extra steps to ensure that the manufacturing process is safe for the environment, and the workers.

But with a capsule wardrobe you’ll actually save money! Because despite spending a little more on quality clothes, you’re still purchasing fewer items, less frequently.

Make Your Closet More Sustainable

As I mentioned above, a capsule wardrobe is a great way to make your closet more sustainable by purchasing less, supporting eco-friendly brands, and creating less textile waste.

While becoming fully sustainable takes time and effort, your clothes are a great place to start.

You Won’t Have To Keep Up With Ever-Changing Trends

A capsule wardrobe is comprised mainly of basic pieces that won’t go out of style.

While fast fashion profits off of encouraging people to buy clothes that fit the latest trend, a capsule closet is made up of classic pieces which means you won’t be contributing significant amounts of textile waste.

You can always change up your look by adding a trendy accessory or piece of jewelry but your clothes will never go out of style, because they’re meant to be timeless.

If you want to learn where to shop for the best second-hand fashion, you can check out my article on that here. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!


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