Where To Find Second-Hand Books

While there’s nothing like opening a brand new book, buying them second-hand is much more sustainable (and easier on your wallet too). If you’re an avid reader, even purchasing a portion of your books from resale options can make a big difference overtime.

These are a few of the best places to shop for second-hand books, so you can save money while helping to reduce waste created by books.

Resale Websites

Second-hand websites have been my favorite way to get books in the past few months. The prices are so cheap and they have a wide selection so you can find anything from the classics, to more obscure writings.

Out of these websites, I’ve personally only shopped from Second Sale, but the other websites have great reviews as well. I was able to get 2 books for $10 and they also offer free shipping on most purchases!

Half Price Books

While I believe Half Price Books is only in the US, there may be stores similar to it in other countries. Its essentially a thrift store for books, movies, and music but unlike the previous online options, its a brick and mortar store. They will also buy your used products or give you credits to purchase items from the store.

I like this option because its just like visiting a normal bookstore, but your purchases are more sustainable than buying from a traditional shop.

Thrift Shops

Although thrift shops may have less options, they are great for when you don’t have a specific book in mind. The selection of books will obviously vary on where you are and when you go, but if you have an open mind you’re likely to find a book that interests you.

Thrift shops are also the cheapest option, so if your main concern is finding a bargain they’re the best place to look!

Ask Your Friends And Family

Before resorting to buying the book you want, try asking around to see if anyone you know may have it already. Whether its your neighbor, coworker, or family member, borrowing is the best way to cut down on unnecessary waste as well as reduce your spending, and who knows, they may even let you keep it!

I hope this inspired you to shop used the next time you’re looking for a book. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!


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