How To Create Your Own Sustainable And Mindful Morning Routine

Because I’m an anxious person, I find that making routines and having things planned out helps me feel a lot more calm. Sticking to a routine is also a great way to form good habits for yourself, because you’ll become accustomed to doing them everyday.

While this is an example of my ideal morning, I of course have off days so don’t get the impression that this is something you have do do everyday. Even incorporating just a few of these practices into your morning routine can make a big difference to your mental health and sustainability.

Wake Up Early-ish

I’m a morning person so I’m usually able to get out of bed pretty easily, but I always set my alarm for about 20 minutes before I really have to get up.

I use this time to fully wake up, run through my day in my head, and remind myself of anything important going on that day.

While you don’t have to wake up early, its a good way to make sure you won’t start your day off in a rush, and you have enough time for your morning routine.



Doing a few stretches in the morning is another way to practice mindfulness and help get your body get ready for the day.

If you have a yoga mat you can use it for your stretches, but if you don’t, this article by Prevention goes through a few that you can do while in bed.

Skincare and Hygiene

After I finish my stretches, I’ll head to the bathroom to do my morning skincare and hygiene routine. If you want to see some of the low-waste products in my bathroom you can find my article on that here.

Depending on how much time I have, I might also put on my makeup at this point in my routine. Check out these refillable makeup brands that help me cut down on cosmetic waste.


Next I’ll go to the kitchen to make my breakfast. While I’m usually not super hungry in the morning, I still always try to eat something so I don’t get hangry before lunch!

If you’re not vegan, but want to incorporate plant-based food into your meal plan, breakfast is the perfect place to start. Even just switching to a dairy-free coffee creamer can inspire bigger changes in the future.


Choose your mantra for the day

Some people may think this is silly, but having a mantra for each day is an easy way to boost your daily positivity.

If you find yourself getting stressed throughout the day, think back to your mantra. It should help you calm down and feel more grounded.

I hope you’ll choose to incorporate some of these practices into your daily routine, so that you can be more mindful and sustainable. Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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