10 Sustainable Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and while finding the perfect gift is hard enough, getting one that’s also eco-friendly can be even more difficult. That’s why I’ve compiled a few gift ideas that any mom will love, and are good for the earth as well!

Eco-Friendly Candles

I’ve never met a mom who didn’t love a good candle, especially one that helps reduce waste. The link above is to my article on eco-friendly candles and has several shops included in it. Some of the candles even double as a drinking glass that can be used once the candle is empty, so its kind of like two gifts in one.

Plantable Mother’s Day Card

The only thing better than a homemade card is a plantable one! These cards are affordable and a great gift for any mom who values heartfelt words over material items. The link above is for the shop’s Mother’s Day cards, but they have other designs as well.

Low-Waste Makeup

If your mom aspires to be the next beauty guru, or is just looking to update her routine, sustainable makeup may be a good gift choice. Attached above is my article on low-waste makeup brands so your mom can have perfect makeup while reducing waste.

Adopt A Book

I found this item on Etsy and thought it was a great idea. The shop will give you a mystery, pre-loved book based on the information you give them and its really affordable too! If your mom is a bookworm but you want to pick out the book yourself, check out my article on the best places to find second-hand books.

Sustainable Stationary

I’m a sucker for adorable stationary and if your mom is too, its a perfect idea for Mother’s Day. Attached is my article on sustainable stationary including cards, calendars, journals, and more.

Zero-Waste Self Care Box

Mother’s day is all about appreciating the mother figures in our life and allowing them to take a break from the constant care they give us. What better way is there to help mom unwind than by getting her supplies so she can have some well deserved self care time? This box is super cute and comes with everything she’ll need to have a relaxing day.

Ethically Made Jewelry

Jewelry is a common Mother’s Day gift, but its usually manufactured in ways that are detrimental to the earth or risk the safety of laborers. The jewelry shops that I’ve linked above take wastefulness into consideration when making their products, and use ethically sourced materials.

Upcycled Plant Holders

If your mom is a plant parent too, you could get her some upcycled plant holders to upgrade her (other) babies. Made from reclaimed hessian coffee sack fabric, their minimal design will match well in any home.

Eco-Friendly Tech Accessories

If your mom has been needing a tech upgrade, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity. My article on eco-friendly tech accessories is linked above and includes a few different ideas that would all make great gifts.

Sustainable Activewear

For the mom who loves to workout, some fashionable new activewear is a perfect gift. Linked above is my article on sustainable activewear that includes clothes perfect for the gym or outdoor activities like hiking.

I hope this gave you some ideas so you can celebrate your mom, or any mother figure in your life. Thank you for reading, have a lovely day!


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